Make Our House Your Home


If you cannot find your answer below, please visit our Contact Us page and ask us your question.


  1. What if I have a maintenance problem?

    Go to our Contact Us page and fill out the form to send us your maintenance request.

  2. Is Section 8 Accepted?

    Yes. Please check website for our available rentals or call 937-756-2818 to get listing and schedule an appointment.

  3. What does the background check consist of?

    We perform a background check mainly looking for drugs, domestic violence, and evictions. However, Garlind Properties does believe in second chances!

  4. Are Vouchers Accepted For Help With The Rent/Deposit?

    Yes, we accept vouchers from any government agency or local church organization.

  5. Do You Rent Any Other Way Besides Monthly?

    Yes, Weekly and Bi-Weekly rates are also available.

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